About The Book

In this important, inspirational, and eminently practical book, Rabbi David Aaron, founder of the world-renowned Isralight Institute, teaches us how to “see” God through the wisdom of the Kabbalah. Making these powerful ancient truths accessible to modern readers, Seeing God offers guidance for living a more meaningful life and provides simple exercises to put the principles into practice. Profound and provocative, Seeing God empowers us to bring the miraculous into everything we do and everything we are. Learn to…

  • Overcome childhood fears about God that stifle our happiness and spiritual fulfillment
  • Reclaim God’s love and compassion and infuse life with greater creativity and vitality
  • Achieve new clarity and greater awareness – in order to see and enjoy the extraordinary in the ordinary
  • Tap into the Divine Life Force, the only true source of love, wisdom, and success God is right here, right now, waiting to be seen, wanting to be known. All you have to do is open your eyes to see, open your heart to feel, and open your mind to know.