We have all been taught that we cannot see God, but the truth is not only that we can see God but that we have actually been looking at God the whole time. We just didnt see Who we were looking at. 

If you wear corrective lenses, I am sure you can remember the time you got a new prescription and walked out onto the street. All of a sudden you saw a new world. It was actually the same old world but with new clarity and intensity. All this brilliant detail was before your very eyes all along, you just needed the right glasses to see.

God is right before your eyes—the eyes of your soul—and all you need are the right lenses through which to look.

This book will introduce you to a whole new vision. Life will never be the same. It will empower you to see in a whole new way. The wisdom contained here is drawn from the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah—the mystical interpretation of the teachings of Moses, the prophet. I didn’t invent these ideas. I only translated them into a language that anyone can understand and everyone can use.

But just a word of advice: Dont read this book. See through it.  Its really not a book at all.  It is glasses for your soul.